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Alfa Laval – equipment and services for lifetime vessel performance. Whether you build ships or sail them, you need solutions that put you ahead.

Alfa Laval partners with you to secure efficient and reliable operation, compliance and productivity.

In short, our solutions increase performance – throughout the lifetime of the vessel.

Main Partners

Rolls-Royce Marine, Kamewa Propulsion

The Rolls-Royce marine business is a global leader in marine propulsion, engineering and hydrodynamic expertise

Our approach enables us to deliver a complete service, from initial concept studies, to equipment selection, systems integration and through life support.

Rolls-Royce AB in Kristinehamn, Sweden is the centre of excellence for fixed- and controllable pitch propellers, Promas, waterjets and pod propulsion systems, all under the unique and world leading product brand Kamewa.

Many of the features that we consider common practice in the marine industry today, such as high skew blade design to minimize noise and vibrations, is based on the research and developments carried out by the hydrodynamic research centre in Kristinehamn.


Scanjet Marine AB of Sweden is a world leading company for tank cleaning solutions and today also supplies tank management equipment, P/V valves and Inert Gas System.

The sophisticated P/V valves ensure that tanks are not exposed for over or under pressure as well as minimizing the venting during voyage.
Scanjet’s tank management with the Surveyor platform enables the operator to have constant monitoring of what is the situation in the tanks in respect of level, temp and pressure.
The tank cleaning installations is always carefully designed to give the operator fastest possible turn around between cargoes.                                                                                                                       The latest addition to our product range is inert gas system that is used for cargo handling.

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Wallenius Marine is a leading international shipping company with focus on streamlining and improving both how ships are designed and built, but also how daily operations are done at sea. In the ship management segment we work, among other things, to contribute to lower emission levels, reduce shipowners’ costs and improve safety onboard by constantly monitoring the performance of ships, hull movements and weather and by extensive training programs for employees on board. Wallenius Marine's design and innovation team is working to continuously improve both hull, ballast and cargo spaces to increase cargo capacity while reducing resource requirements. We have also come a long way in the development of emission-free vessels. For decades, we have been seen as frontrunners as we’re leading the way towards truly sustainable shipping.

Together with our customers and partners, we develop a safer, more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable maritime sector. SSPA offers a wide range of maritime services, such as hydrodynamic energy optimisation and risk reduction. We perform hydrodynamic simulation, optimisation and verification using our unique combination of testing facilities and simulation- and calculation tools. SSPA supports shipowners, shipbuilders, ports, manufacturers and maritime authorities all over the world to find the best solutions.

We are the bridge between man and the elements. On land and at sea. Down below earth and on the vast expanses of the world’s oceans. In growing urban areas and in the most remote places you can imagine. No matter what you do or where you are, we provide integrated power solutions designed to perform, endure and be easy to use. Bringing joy, growth and prosperity. Today and tomorrow. Volvo Penta is a world-leading supplier of power solutions to marine and industrial applications. Driven by innovation, our close cooperation with our customers and our century-long experience, we supply comprehensive solutions that are made to move emotions, people, businesses and societies.

ScandiNAOS AB is a Swedish company working with energy efficient and sustainable shipping. The goal is to contribute to finding the best environmental and economic alternative for a sustainable and successful maritime transport industry.

During the past years much of ScandiNAOS's efforts has been devoted to alternative fuels, methanol in particular, and energy efficiency in general through the EffShip project and its successors.

Specific goals for the EffShip project included improving the efficiency of the ship machinery, introducing alternative marine fuels, using wind energy as a complementary propulsion force and developing applicable technology for reducing the emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx and Particulate Matter.

In the SPIRETH project that followed a DME-methanol mixture (OBATETM) was tried on board Stena Scanrail and finally Stena Germaica was fully converted to dual-fuel methanol engines . Besides the technological aspects of the projects issues regarding classification and flag state approval were major parts in the project.

Other recent and ongoing projects for ScandiNAOS include energy efficiency, waste heat recovery, wing sails etc. Methanol is a focus area though and a number of projects have been done with smaller and larger ships of different types.

Stena Teknik is a common resource for all maritime related business in the Stena Sphere and has the role of an expert function in primarily marine technology. Stena Teknik carries out newbuilding projects from initial idea to delivery of an effective and fully operational ship or drilling vessel. Stena Teknik also provide general marine technology advice and procurement services. Additionally, Stena Teknik conducts cutting-edge research and development to meet future challenges for the Stena Sphere.

The department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences are proud to sponsor Nordens Tekniska Högskolors Skeppsbyggare in organizing NTHS72. We have been sponsoring NTHS for a few years, and we really appreciate their work to broaden the views of the maritime field and network with both companies and fellow naval architects and marine engineers