Mads Helland

NTHS 2018


Presenting: Mads Helland

Have you participated in NTHS?

This will be my second NTHS congress. The first was in Norway in 2017


What is your best memory from NTHS?

Walking down the icy road from Tyholt to Trondheim centrum during one of the evenings of NTHS 2017.


If NTHS had an unlimited funds, what would the 71st NTHS be like?

The week would start of on a container vessel retrofitted to our purpose, which we would sail to Greenland where we could build a snowman and catch a whale for dinner. Private jet back to Denmark. The banquet would be held in a restaurant, 20 meters under water with endless drinks and food cooked and prepared by Gordon Ramsay and with Ricky Gervais as toastmaster.


What do you hope the participants will remember about NTHS in Denmark

Everything that happens between 0800 to 1700. In general how great the week has been with company visits and social activities.


Why do you want to become a marine engineer?

Two reasons, I’ve grown up in a maritime family and with the ocean 30 meters from the house, and I also want to travel the world and work in a people business where we solve problems together.