NTHS 2018


Planning NTHS

The 71st NTHS has been in the making since May 2017, where the first brainstorming meetings were held with former participants. During those meetings the organizers of the 66th NTHS held in Denmark in 2013 shared there experiences and gave loads of advice.

With the Nul-Kryds general assembly in September 2018 the organizers for this years NTHS was elected. Organizing a week long trip to the Maritime industry throughout Denmark is not a one-man job it requires a lot of collaboration and we are excited to work togheter on creating NTHS 2018.


The organizers is a group of 12 engineering students studying at DTU. What is special about our group is the diversity togheter we represent no less than five DTU educations. We are sure this variety will be a streangth as we all share the same passion for the maritime field and all want to be part of creating the most amazing NTHS seen to this date.


Click on the pictures below to meet the organizers!