Harshit Tripathi

NTHS 2018


Presenting: Harshit Tripathi

Have you participated in NTHS?

Yes I have participated in the last 2 NTHS held in Sweden and Norway


What is your best memory from NTHS?

It is a thrilling and fun filled week to be at NTHS. There is so much to learn in a short time and share the knowledge with the delegates from the neighbouring countries. The best part for me is to make so many good friends who work in the same industry


If NTHS had an unlimited funds, what would the 71st NTHS be like?

It would be really nice to have a longer duration of the congress with many more and exciting excursions possible with more funds. It would also be possible to participate in some hands on projects and much more fun activities together with other delegates.


What do you hope the participants will remember about NTHS in Denmark

Hospitality of the Danish delegates


Why do you want to become a marine engineer?

Naval architecture is a fascinating and demanding field with ever growing challenges to make it more sustainable in the resent times which makes it very interesting to study and work in the maritime sector