Hans Frederik Schwarz

NTHS 2018


Presenting: Hans Frederik Wedel Schwarz

Have you participated in NTHS?

Yes, Once in Norway 2017


What is your best memory from NTHS?

Sliding on ice - down hill, with a Gammel Dansk, NTHS Norway 2017

(Somehow everyone survived by the way!)


If NTHS had an unlimited funds, what would the 71st NTHS be like?

NTHS is so... super awesome that unlimited funds would hardly have any impact...


What do you hope the participants will remember about NTHS in Denmark

" hope the participants would notice the companies and their work and remember them for the future. Maybe even be inspired by the danish maratime industry.


Also; cheap cold beer, beautiful landscape, happy peoples, delicious food and of course the taste of a Gammel Dansk (with or without mayo)


Why do you want to become a marine engineer?

I like boats.