Christoffer Molven

NTHS 2018


Presenting: Christoffer Molven

Have you participated in NTHS?

No, this will be my first time at NTHS.


What is your best memory from NTHS?

Haven't had that many memories yet, but every planning meeting is always fun.


If NTHS had an unlimited funds, what would the 71st NTHS be like?

To travel by helicopter instead of bus between the different citys and living in hotels.


What do you hope the participants will remember about NTHS in Denmark

I hope they will remember all the great people they met during the week and get a good impression about Danmark and danish industry.


Why do you want to become a marine engineer?

I grow up next door to Rosenberg verft in Stavanger, where they built parts of "Ocean Viking" Norway's first drilling rig.This is the rig that found Norway's first oil reservoir in 1969. In newer time they have also been involved in projects like the Troll gas field. So I have been interested in the maritime industry all my life.