Anna Joensen

NTHS 2018


Presenting: Anna Katrina Joensen

Have you participated in NTHS?

Yes, I have participated once before. I was lucky enough to experience the 70th NTHS in Norway in 2017.


What is your best memory from NTHS?

I don’t think I can say I have just one best memory. The whole experience, seeing people from five different universities joined together, becoming friends over common interests. Company visits.

The Norwegians arranged this boat-building competition, which was quite fun. Each delegation had two teams and we competed to see who could build the best boat which was fun.

Visiting the companies is always something that makes an impression. At Vard Shipyard we got a tour around a new-building, which was very interesting. Brunvoll presented their production and maritime engineers presented their field at the firm.

The Banquet is at the last day, and that is where everyone dressed nicely and all the old-timers join. It was all in all a fantastic week.


If NTHS had an unlimited funds, what would the 71st NTHS be like?

We would travel along Jutland’s west coast in a large yacht. We would have lots of nice food and drinks along the whole trip. We would make sure to visit some offshore maritime constructions, as well as some on-land companies. And end with a huge, beautiful banquet with lots of people and an exquisite menu.


What do you hope the participants will remember about NTHS in Denmark

I hope the participants will have a just as memorable NTHS as I had! Some will enjoy the company visits more, some will have focus on the social. But all of them will have good memories – that is what we are working hard for.


Why do you want to become a marine engineer?

I grew up by the ocean. I have always been fascinated by it. I love sailing. I got a chance to study it, and I took it. I am really fascinated by constructions, and a ship is a complex and fascinating one.