Sondre Thygesen

NTHS 2017 Norway

Presenting: Sondre Thygesen

How many times have you attended NTHS?

This will be my second NTHS congress. The first was in Finland in 2015.


What is your favorite memory from NTHS?

One of my favorite memories has to be the visit to NAPA. Here we had a nice dinner at the same time as the company presentation, and after the presentation, we went upstairs together with the representatives for the company, where the company actually had its own Sauna in the same building. This was a great way to end a long day! The Banquet the final day should also be mentioned. Here you have the opportunity to meet so many interesting oldtimers with similar interests as you.


Why will the Norwegian NTHS be the greatest of all times?

Norway has such a long and rich history in the marine industry. This, combined with a lot of focus on innovation in today's industry, will lead to an exciting and diversified congress.


If NTHS had an unlimited amount of money, what would the 70th NTHS be like?

We would start with a big party to get to know the other delegations, before the next day were we would take helicopters from oilplatform to oilplatform and also stay the night on one of them. The morning after, a mega yacht would pick us up at the rig and we would go on a cruise along the north of Norway to see to the Northern Lights. We would finally end up at Svalbard where the Banquet is held.


Why do you want to become a marine engineer?

I grew up next to the ocean, so water and ships have always been close to my hear. When I grew older I wanted to know more about the principles behind how everything worked, and now I want to be a part of the future in the marine industry.