Peter Tenfjord

NTHS 2017 Norway

Presenting: Peter Tenfjord

How many times have you attended NTHS?

This will be my second NTHS congress. The first was in Finland in 2015.

What is your favorite memory from NTHS?

My favorite memory from NTHS has to be the visit to Aker Arctic, where we got to see a model tested in ice waters, that was pretty cool. Other than that I made a lot of great friends, and just had so much fun all along. The bus trips also deserve mention, they were pretty much just pure happiness all the way from Turku and Vaasa to Helsinki.

Why will the Norwegian NTHS be the greatest of all times?

Norway has a long history of maritime endeavours, which in itself would warrant a visit from all naval architects. We are also currently in a transitioning period, where a lot of new ideas and concepts are being developed to tackle the changes prompted by the energy markets. So the blend of old and new industry, combined with the knowledge and experience in the famous maritime clusters, sets the stage for a spectacular congress.

If NTHS had an unlimited amount of money, what would the 70th NTHS be like?

We would start by buying 50 PSVs, and go on a cruise to some oil fields. Then we would rent helicopters and travel north, to Svalbard, just to see some polar bears. From there we would buy mini-submarines, and sneak into Russia to pick up supplies. The banquet would be hosted at the Royal Palace, where HM King Harald would welcome us to a game of flip-a-cup, follow by a kebab dinner provided by Bislett Kebab.

Why do you want to become a marine engineer?

Because I believe that the ocean is going to play the most vital role in the shaping of the future, and engineers should be responsible for ensuring that this future is, quite simply, the best it can be.