Making the congress

NTHS 2017 Norway

The making of NTHS 2017 begins!

The planning of the 70th annual NTHS has started, and this year, it’s the vikings from the north, the brown cheese-eaters, the fjord swimmers, also known as the Norwegians who’s in charge. Our group consists of five well experienced, tough and fearless 5th year students and five curious, but also a little nervous 3rd year students. During the next couple of weeks, we will introduce ourselves, one by one, so that you will get to know us better.

The Norwegian NTHS  delegation

So what will the 70th NTHS be like? We can’t say much yet, but what we can say, is that the participants from Sweden, Finland and Denmark will at all time be surrounded by a uniqe maritime industry, beautiful fjords and mountains, and possibly(almost guaranteed) a lot of rain.

During the next months we will give you weekly updates and information about the congress, and we hope that everyone participating is as excited as us!