Carl Rasmussen

NTHS 2017 Norway

Presenting: Carl Rasmussen

How many times have you attended NTHS?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to join earlier, as you need to have started your 5. semester before being able to join.


What is your favorite memory from NTHS?

The “get-to-know-each-other”-dinner was awesome. The first time a company seemed interested and wanted more information about NTHS was pretty darn cool as well. My least favorite memory? A moment of silence which ended with a too long fart. Not mine of course, but I empathized so much with the person who was accountable that my face invented a new color.


Why will the Norwegian NTHS be the greatest of all times?

Duh, why wouldn’t it?


If NTHS had an unlimited amount of money, what would the 70th NTHS be like?

A academic party without equal. We would travel to the most interesting of companies, and and maybe go visit one of the other participating countries to get a broader view of the marine sector in Scandinavia. We would hire coaches to make each of the company presentations different from each other. At each visit we would make the companies prepare some problems we could solve, and we would end the day with a great dinner followed up with some serious partying.


Why do you want to become a marine engineer?

I’ve always liked science and I loved the mastery I felt after I got a grip of physics. My family has a tradition of studying marine engineering, and I thought it would be interesting to check out a sector Norway excels in.