Anders Habostad

NTHS 2017 Norway

Presenting: Anders Habostad

How many times have you attended NTHS?

This will be my first time!


What is your favorite memory from NTHS?

My favorite memory so far is the music quiz held during the first introduction dinner. Strong dedication from all participants, who fought over a improvised microphone consisting of a salt shaker, resulted in half a kilo of salt scattered around in Peter’s apartment.


Why will the Norwegian NTHS be the greatest of all times?

The Norwegian maritime industry has long and proud traditions. At the same time we are in a time with a difficult market situation, and many companies are undergoing an adjustment phase. I think it will be really interesting to see how focus on innovation and development still keeps the Norwegian companies competitive.


If NTHS had an unlimited amount of money, what would the 70th NTHS be like?

It would have been pretty much the same except that we would travel by a private yacht instad of bus along the Norwegian coast.


Why do you want to become a marine engineer?

I want to contribute to finding new and sustainable ways to exploit the resources in the ocean.