A talk with the president

NTHS 2017 Norway

A talk with the president

Andrea is the the President of the Norwegian NTHS delegation. This will be her third NTHS, and this time she’s responsible for organizing it herself. She is 23 years old and about 160 cm - but I warn you, don’t let her height fool you. Andrea is hardworking, tough and she makes things happen. Her resume is longer than most people’s her age. She is specially engaged in activities concerning the marine engineer students union, Mannhullet, and in 2014/15 she sat as chair(wo)man. To get to know her better, I have interviewed her about NTHS.

How many times have you attended NTHS?

Two times, Finland 2015 and Stockholm 2016, so NTHS 2017 in Norway will be my third.

What is your favourite memory from NTHS?

It is very difficult to choose only one memory, but there are especially two experiences I remember. Firstly, during NTHS 2015 we visited Aker Artic in Helsinki where they have a towing tank with ice. While we were there they did a model test on an icebreaker, which I found exciting and cool. Secondly, I will never forget Dirlanda.

Why will the Norwegian NTHS be the greatest of all times?

We are celebrating 70 years, and we want to make a congress worthy of that. The plan is to make an existing program that shows the participant our proud maritime industry. Hopefully, this will include both large, world famous companies to smaller key companies with core expertise.

If NTHS had an unlimited amount of money, what would the 70th NTHS be like?

There are unlimited options. The congress would have lasted longer, so that we could have visited many more companies and places. With unlimited amount of money, we could for instance have gone platform spotting, go up north to experience the Arctic, and done some sightseeing by helicopter.

Why do you want to become a marine engineer?

Ships have always been a fascination of mine. NTNU offers one of the world’s best marine technology studies in the world, so I had to check it out. As I find Shipping very interesting, I chose Marine System Design and Logistics as my specialisation.